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After years in private aviation and acting as a part time assistant to realtors and brokers, Jason leapt. He combined his passion for house hunting and customer service to build his own brand. In doing so, Jason discovered his purpose in helping others buy their first homes - to selling the family heirloom. Jason operates from the heart and represents trustworthiness and honesty.


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Luxury service begins here.

Buyers and Sellers have access to a first-hand luxury service experience in choosing Jason as their realtor. No matter your price range, Jason will ensure your needs are met. As a passionately dedicated and experienced realtor, Jason will provide the knowledge needed to guide you throughout the entire home buying or selling process. As a licensed and insured realtor, Jason has garnered professional experience throughout his years working with time-tested brokers. As a result, Jason wins. His knowledge and luxury customer service background will guarantee you get the full Realtor 2.0 experience.


the next level

What is the Realtor 2.0 experience?

Jason will take his professional service, style and knowledge to the next level. In an industry that is competitively crowded, Jason strives, not only to stand out from the rest, but to make his clients stand out as well. Being notable never goes out of style. 


Woods Real Estate Services

Jason is a key member of the Woods Real Estate Service which has been providing San Diegans with the highest standard of home buying and selling experiences for nearly 20 years.


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